Picking Out Your First Ever Instrument: What to Look For

Picking Out Your First Ever Instrument: What to Look For

Getting your first-ever musical instrument entails a lot of meticulous planning regarding the type and brand of a particular instrument. If you are a seasoned or experienced musician, it is easier for you to choose the instrument that you want. But if you are a beginner and you are choosing your first one, then it can be a bit of a task. You may even need help from musical instrument specialists to help you pick out the instrument that will be suitable for you. Here are just some of the things to look out for.

Make sure that it’s the best instrument for you

If you are not yet sure of what instrument to learn to play, you should review several options to see which one fits you best. Read about each instrument’s specs, characteristics and other aspects to come up with a sound decision.

Pick the right size

The instrument that you want may either be too small or too big for you. Try handling them to see how they look and if they feel comfortable. Some instruments come in different sizes so that you may request the perfect size for your body.

Does the price fit your budget?

Some come cheap; some come expensive. Set a budget for how much you are willing to spend on your first instrument and go from there. You will get a lot of choices even with a limited budget. It will require patience and perseverance on your part to look for the right-priced instrument.

Ensure that the quality is on a par with standards

Check with the seller about the quality of the instrument. You can also read reviews about that particular brand and see what others have to say about it regarding its quality.

Do you have room to store it in your house?

You need to store your instrument in a space where it does not get harmed by other stuff. They can be delicate and can get damaged by the slightest impact. Make sure you have the space at home where you can store it safely.

Try renting an instrument first

If you are not yet sure of your choice, try renting the instrument first and get a feel for it. It will help you decide if it is the one for you, without a lifetime commitment. Not your type of instrument? Then rent another one.

Go with the instrument that makes you want to play music

Do not start playing a musical instrument just because it is the ‘in’ thing at the moment. You must have the willingness to play it without regard for what others are playing.

Make sure that second-hand instruments are clean

Second-hand instruments may be somewhat dirty, especially the mouthpieces. You can buy a replacement before you use it.

There you go. Once you have checked all the items on the list for the instrument you want to go for, you’re ready to get out there and shop for your first-ever musical instrument. Go and make great music and you may be the next musical prodigy your city will soon see.

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