Why Horror Movies Are Actually Really Good for You

Why Horror Movies Are Actually Really Good for You

While you may watch from behind your hands, horror movies are actually really good for your health. It may be surprising, especially considering how much your heart races. However, it’s the racing heart that is good. If you’re really scared then opt for a short horror film, but you will benefit in these four ways.

You Get Your Blood Pumping

A racing heart increases the amount of blood that is passing around your body. That means your body gains more oxygenated blood to all the organs. This is so important to keep them working effectively. It’s almost like getting the benefits of exercise without actually doing the exercise (of course there are other benefits to exercise).

Your Adrenaline Starts Pumping

If you have some mental health issues, you want to put some horror movies on. Watching something scary will boost the adrenaline in your body and help to boost your mood. Those who suffer from depression tend to have low levels of adrenaline. They struggle to be excited or apprehensive about things, so they need that boost to help boost the other hormones in their bodies.

Of course, if you have anxiety, a boost of adrenaline isn’t going to help. This really does depend on the mental health issue.

The Chance to Forget About Life

Turn on a movie and you instantly get to delve into a fictional world. There’s no need to worry about the work due for the morning or the detention your child got at school. It’s possible to de-stress as you step away from the real world, even just for 20 minutes or so. Plus, you’re watching the life of a fictional character who will always have it worse than you!

You Deal with Fears

Do you have a fear of clowns? Try watching IT and face the clown on the screen. Studies have shown that horror movies can help many people deal with their fears. They get to see the bad guy defeated and see that others have faced the same fears you have. We rarely see our fears in the real life to be able to get over them.

It’s time to turn on the horror movies. They are good for you, as long as you use them moderately. Are you ready to face your fears and delve into the fictional worlds of serial killers and clowns?

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This article was written by Stephen Heyer, a health practitioner. He has worked with patients with a variety of mental health disorders and found that a good short horror film helps improve symptoms.

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