Artist, You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Become Unique

Artist, You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Become Unique

Like a music producer dealing with many artist on the internet I spend a lot of time hearing audio. I began to consider my mission for brand new discovery. That which was it that helped me prefer one artist over another when both may have equal levels of talent? What helped me download and bought one artist’s music over another? What helped me actually want to follow one artist over another?

To reply to these questions I involved in a little shopping around. During the last two several weeks I’ve stored an itemized log of all of the new artists which i have examined. (Around 500) Within this log I recorded details about my interaction using the artist’s website and music. Details about the number of occasions I returned for their page, basically downloaded free product or otherwise, basically bought music or videos, and when I place them on this site.

Things I soon recognized was all of the artist which i had began to follow along with had one factor in keeping, these were unique.

Unique in seem. Unique to look at. Unique within their method of video. Unique in the manner they presented their items.

For a lot of my professional career I have seen a lot of artists allow others to influence them into being a copycat of one other presently effective artist. Mostly as a result of the “major” label. They let others talk them into altering their head of hair, clothes, tunes, and seem.

This may perfectly work with some to achieve immediate success, but there’s no better method to damage your job than to become copycat. Exactly what do Kanye, Prince, Usher, Drake, Madonna, Metallica, Slayer, Johnny Cash, and DJ Tiesto all share? They’re unique. Every one has inspired a lot of other artists to repeat them.

Previously the only real true method of getting your products (you being an artist) to everyone was to undergo one of the leading labels. They controlled the majority of the major distribution outlets coupled with a good grip on commercial media. (Radio, TV, Magazines) Should you wanted your video performed on MTV you experienced them. Should you wanted your recorded music inside a mall you experienced them.

Then along came the web and digital music downloads. No more is the major music companies completely control the distribution and major media outlets. The independent artist has an amount arena. More often than not nowadays you cannot even get signed to some major label without creating your personal buzz.

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