What Are the Different Types of Water Dispensers?

What Are the Different Types of Water Dispensers?

Water pollution has been a huge problem ever since the industrial revolution. Tap water in the current scenario is totally undrinkable as it has excess of minerals than what is needed and germs, which are harmful for your body. These germs cause a lot of waterborne diseases like typhoid, which are life-threatening too. So, to protect your family from all these diseases and lead a healthy life, you should make sure that the water you drink is 100% healthy and pure. The way to do that is use water dispensers. Water dispensers are of various types. Here are the major water dispenser types depending upon the usage and cleaning technology:

  1. RO Water Dispensers:

RO water purifiers use the process of Reverse Osmosis to eradicate harmful minerals from the water. There is a permissible limit for the dissolved solvents and if this limit exceeds they are harmful for the human body. There are specific minerals that are really harmful and some are not that harmful and actually good for the body. RO water purifiers use a special TDS Controller that allows retaining essential minerals in the water and removes all unessential or harmful ones. This makes the water tasty and 100% safe to drink. A water dispenser with RO technology ensures every drop of water that is dispensed is purified and gives your body the essential minerals.

  1. Gravity-Based Water Dispensers:

This type of water dispenser contains a highly superior UF membrane that is hollow fibre and hydrophilic. The pore size of this membrane is about 0.1 micron, which ensures that no pathogen is able to pass through the membrane. This makes sure that the water is 100% microbe-free. This is highly effective for contaminated water and protects your family members from waterborne diseases. Therefore, if the water in your locality has a high pathogen count, you should go for a gravity-based water dispenser.

  1. RO-UV-UF Dispensers:

Finally, the most powerful type of water dispenser is RO-UV-UF water dispensers. These water dispensers use all three water purification technologies to ensure that the water you drink is completely pure with no impurities. RO or Reverse Osmosis technology ensures that the hardness of the water is in permissible level and only essential natural minerals are there in the water. The UV or Ultra Violet purification technology uses UV light to kill all the microbes that are present in the water to ensure no waterborne diseases crawl their way to your family. Finally, the UF membrane technology removes all the dead pathogens so that they don’t harm your family at all.

This is one of the best purification technologies and if you are unsure of how polluted the water being supplied to you is, then you should use an RO-UV-UF dispenser for your home.

Water dispensers need purification as just a simple water cooler isn’t enough nowadays. The above mentioned dispensers work with the best of their ability to protect your family from any kind of waterborne problems and diseases. You drink healthy and clean water and stay fit and safe from any kind of disease.

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