The Top Reasons Why Online Slot Games are so Popular

The Top Reasons Why Online Slot Games are so Popular

They’ve been called the one-armed bandit, and some would call that nickname a perfect metaphor; after all, there must be better ways for gamblers to beat the house. Some may also find it strange because, unlike with poker or other casino card games, there is little a person can do to influence the outcome of the game. So in that way, there doesn’t seem to be much sense to the game. Or is it exactly this that makes the game so addictive? Gamers swear by it – in fact, there are gamers who can spend hours and hours pressing the button and watching the slots roll. So what makes these slot games so great? What do they have that gets to us? It’s actually simple. Here are the top reasons why online slot games are so popular.

It’s in the head

It’s not psychological in the sense that it requires a lot of thought; on the contrary, it’s in the head because whatever thoughts you may have had before you started playing it disappear when you start. Slots don’t require any thought, and in this way the game acts like a soothing lullaby or brain massage. There’s no need to plan strategy, no need for counting cards, no calculations. Push that button and watch the outcome. And suddenly, without much effort, there are bells and whistles to congratulate you on your winnings – just like that.

There’s the physical aspect

Oh yes, especially if you play theme-based slot games such as the Ghostbusters game. Play the game and whilst you watch the slots roll, you hear “Who you gonna call?” With bonus rounds where marshmallows fall out of the sky, where Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd spur you on – the sounds and sights are magnificent.


Emotions rule sometimes

We have secret beliefs about Lady Luck and Fortune – and playing the game challenges those beliefs. This plays on our emotions, so it’s no wonder we hear players curse, encourage slots to fall into place, and shout for joy.

Despite this analysis of why these games are (and will probably always be) so popular, there would be many that argue that it doesn’t really matter. Whether it’s in the head, in the senses or in the heart, the fact is that slot games are very enjoyable, and that’s all that counts. And these gamers are right – it is, first and foremost, the entertainment quality that matters. When you have games (such as the Ghostbusters theme slot game online) that ask you who you’re gonna call, that allow you to eat marshmallows that come from the sky, and pick green, ghostly clouds, it’s hard not to chuckle as you play. It’s a simple matter of entertainment, and that will keep gamers coming back every single time

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