How to plan a garden party

How to plan a garden party

It’s summer again, so the outdoors come into play when planning a party. A garden party has all the ingredients to be something special, with moreavailable space, allowing for games and other activities. Whatever the age group, or the occasion, the key to a successful party is organisation and planning, so here are some helpful ideas that might make a difference.

Planning the party

The first thing to consider is the guest list, and the number of guests should be in keeping with the available space. Crowded parties can be stressful, not only for the host, the guests also! Make sure you send your invitations at least two weeks before the event, and make them RSVP.Make sure everyone knows how to get to your home, a good idea is to slip a map in with the invitation, just to be on the safe side. If guests will require overnight accommodation, and you don’t have the room, make sure a hotel reservation is arranged well in advance. Consider parking, as we don’t want to upset the neighbours.

Party ambience

A garden party needs the lighter pastel shades, with tablecloths and drapes that arecolour coordinated. The party will hopefully continue into the late evening, so think about lighting. A string of Christmas lights draped over trees and bushes add that glistening effect, and don’t forget the pathways. You can buy small LED lights that are solar powered, with a point at one end, which you simply push into your lawn, and they will automatically light up every evening. A few each side of your driveway, evenly spaced, will provide the perfect amount of light, and there’s no cables to worry about!

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Party activities

Parties and games go hand in hand, so search online for a reputable party hire company, who can supply you with everything to make the event a success. You should think about the guests, and the type of games that would appeal. If it’s a children’s party, then use the lawn for some energetic games, or you could prepare a treasure hunt, with prizes concealed around the garden. There are hosts of suitable activities for all ages, so pick something you think they will like.

The menu

A buffet style is the most popular way to entertain at a garden party, as many people make a sit-down dinner impractical. Have one main area where all the food is situated, and make sure the drinks corner is close by. Rent a big ice box and have it filled on the morning of the party, and don’t forget paper plates and plastic glasses, which apart from being safer, make cleaning up much easier.

The host

As the host, you need to strike a balance between the kitchen and your guests, and try to mingle and greet everyone personally, in a casual manner of course.Try not to spend too much time with one person or group, and relax, this is the enjoyable part! Always prepare more food than you think you will need. Nothing will be wasted, as the leftovers will make a much needed brunch the following morning, besides, it’s always better to have too much than too little.

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